Sunday, December 27, 2009

My LifeJournal : And the SG Idol is...

Sezairi Sezali.

Another malay guy.
It was really strange, how for 3 straight SI,
the winners are the same type.
Malay. Male.

But nevertheless, I thought this season was
way better than the first 2, though I didn't
watch religiously as my teenage self use to.

I'm not sure whether I should say that Sezairi deserves to win.
Cos' I strongly believe that Sylvia has a better voice quality.
In fact, I second the notion that Tabitha should be in the top 2
aside Sylvia.And if that's the case, Taby has a higher chance of winning.

Then again, if we based it on today's performances, I would say
that Sezairi's were impeccable.It was much better than Sylvia.
I guess he won cos he was soulful and a much smoother performer.
Sylvia massacred Coldplay's Yellow and Sezairi sang Touched by and Angel
way better than she did.

Then again, logically speaking, the males have higher chances
of winning cos their fan base (the females) are dedicated to see them through.
To a teenage girl, it's only logical to waste money and hope that one day the guy will
fall in love, marry and have little kids with them.
Whereas the females, whose fan base are mostly males, who only ogles and salivates
after them, don't quite think it's logical to spend so much money on strangers
whom they'll never see again after the season ends.

Either that, or the Malay Community here are secretly rich.

Anyhoots, hopefully he remains true to himself
and reach greater heights.

No matter what anyone said about him not deserving to win,
screw them, cos he won, not Sylvia. And if they had wanted
Sylvia or Taby to win, they should have voted.

Whatever it is, all these SI are nothing compared to my beloved Star Academy.
Yes, yes, it's me rubbing StarAc up your nose again.

My LifeJournal: How my apple crumble

Christmas gift from Marj.

Apple Crumble Recipe.

Follow up.


1cm height of apple.

Yeap, it was a failure.
But I'm happy with it nonetheless.
At least I know what went wrong and
I'm definitely going to try again with
a revised recipe.

I'd kind of mix and match the recipe.
I'd realised I should have done some things differently
when I watched videos from Youtube.

What I like about my apple crumble?
The crumble.
It was perfect, well in my opinion.
It was, yummy. Really.
It was not too sweet.
Just nice.

What I don't quite like?
The apples.
I think I'd cooked it for too long.
The apples were too dry and too sweet.
Well, that's for not following the recipe.

Apple Crumble Round 1: Failed.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

My LifeJournal: Take me with you

"Khedni m'aak, 'ala darb b'eedi"

My LifeJournal: My Love II

My love.

This was not taken by me, fyi.
Aidilfitri 2009.
After going through so much that Ramadhan.
This picture ain't complete though.

I love my family so much, it hurts.

My LifeJournal: Death II

Ever since the many deaths
I'd seen this year, I can't stop
thinking about it.

Really, I'm not suicidal.
But I just keep thinking about it.
How, at one point, it would be alright if I die tonight.
And how, at most times, I was scared of not being able
to repent fully in time for death.

Every thing reminds me of death.
I kept thinking of people around me dying.
The loved ones in my life, myself.

Every emotions was somehow connected to death.
Every sickness, though common, was related to death.
Every moment was entwined with death.
The 'what ifs' in my life would end with death.

I could be spoiling myself in my aunt/ mom/ dad's love
and I will be thinking "what if I die tonight?"
or "what if they leave me tomorrow?"

Every toss and turn I take, and I would be thinking,
"what if the next time I turn, and realise she's no longer breathing?"
Every cough and sigh and I would stop to check the heaving
of their bodies.

Really, I assure you. I'm not suicidal.
My threshold for pain is really low.
I don't think I want to jump off a building or slit my wrists.

What I want to do, is to love and be loved
by my family and

It's simple, nein?

I think I just need to be around someone,
who can take my mind off things.
Death in particular.

Okay. enough with the pondered thoughts.
Sacheon, chillax?

My LifeJournal: Faith

Disclaimer: Religious content.

Faith is the confident belief or trust in the
truth or trustworthiness of a person, idea or thing.
As with "trust", faith involves a concept of future
events or outcomes, and is used conversely for a
belief, not resting on logical proof or material evidence.

Faith in Islam is called Iman.
(source: wikipedia)

Faith, is Iman.
I have faith and my
faith is in Islam.

I have faith.
I have faith that I would have a great life ahead.
I have faith that I could get through anything.
I have faith that I would find love at a
particular juncture of my life.
I have faith that I would be with my family,
in the heavens.

I have faith that the love I will be bestowed with,
would be the Imam of my family.
Who will strengthens my faith in Islam.
Who will strengthens my faith in life.
Who will lead my family.
Who will love me and my family.
Indeed, I have faith.

I've seen instances, where there was a lack of faith in the household.
The reason lies with the man of the house.
The one who was suppose to be the Imam of the family.
The one who was suppose to strengthens the family's faith.
And eventually, the wife will be estranged from Islam, from Iman.

Nauzubillah hi minzalik.
May I be spared from such atrocity, ya
And may you open their hearts, ya .
And may you bring them back to the right path, ya

And I have faith, ya , that You would seep into their hearts.
and that you would love me and my family.

My LifeJournal: 25 Dec 2009

It was my first Christmas in SG
after 2 years spending it overseas.

For the past few years,
every time when we travel out,
it was always during the Dec, Christmas period.
Well. It was for obvious reasons.
We wanted to see the snow!

2004 - Korea
2005 - Turkey
2007 - Switzerland, Europe
2008 - United Kingdom

Ahhh, yes. I am very blessed.
That, is something I know very well.

Anyhoots. I got to touch, lick,
walked through, grasped,
fisted, bask, rolled in the snow.
twice. Once in Turkey, Istanbul.
And another in Switzerland, Zurich.

And I hope I get to do the same,
in years to come. Insyaallah.

So the next few posts that come
after this, would show you how
I'd spent Christmas for the past
few years.


My LifeJournal: 25 Dec 2008

Royal Albert Hall.

Royal College of Music.

One of the many Churches.


Serpentine River, Hyde Park.

What I did on Christmas Day in London?
My family and I, we trekked around London.
It was serendipity.
The entire transportation was out of service for the day.
So we discovered beautiful London by foot.

We just kept on walking, breathing, appreciating London.
It was an amazing thing to be doing.
Trekking along the streets, not caring where we were going.
Of course eventually we did find our way back to
our apartment. Having scrumptious brunchner
at this halal-presumed diner at 4pm

Didn't manage to snap any pictures.
I was already hypoglycemic after walking
around and not having proper breakfast.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed it much.
And if I ever go London again,
I wished I'm with someone who would loves to
explore the country by foot and doesn't
interfere with my shopping plans.


My LifeJournal: 25 Dec 2007

White Christmas.


Lower terrains.

Frozen Twigs.

Fast and Vast.

What you need to know.

Christmas Dinner.

By my Chef dad.


What I did for Christmas in Switzerland?
Well, we went to Rheinfall.
I went down and up again and broke into a sweat.
It was freezing but after the climbing, I just took
off the thick jacket.

So my dad cooked for dinner.
Giving the Germans and Italians the SG cuisine.
This was the year when I went to 3 countries.
Switzerland, Brugg, Zurich ; France, Paris ; Italy, Venice.
Yes, I know. Boastful. Can't help it.

And yes, we ate Pandoro.
Pandoro is a traditional Italian sweet yeast bread,
most popular around Christmas and New Year.
Pandoro is traditionally shaped like a frustum with an
8 pointed-star section. (wikipedia)
And suddenly, they're selling Pandoro
at Cold Storage! Strange nein?

Copy cats.

My LifeJournal : 25 Dec 2005

Blue Mosque at the back.

The life of the rich and gorgeous.

Snowball fight.

From atop.


What I did for Christmas in Turkey, Istanbul?
Well, it's been 4 years.
I really cannot remember.
I'm actually depending on the
photo details and these pictures
stated 25 Dec. Hence my assumption
on the things we did then.

Istanbul was fantastic as well.
The yummy food,
The interesting culture,
The gorgeous people.
Well it's the closest I've got to
being in a ME country.
Well not counting Saudi that is.

But I remember enjoying one trip.
To Bursa. The trip to that place
was excruciatingly long.
But it was worth it when I get
to eat the best custard looking thing.
It was beyond anything.


Friday, December 25, 2009

My LifeJournal: Pondered Thoughts.

I wish to ponder on some things.
But 2 Days and 1 Night had started.

So with my morbid hairband,
keeping the stray hairs at bay,
I'm going to fill my life with some laughter,
before proceeding to tackle the issues of life.

Kal kae.

My LifeJournal: Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes.

It was like watching a 2hr long, old school CSI/Cold Case/ Criminal Minds.
In London! The House of Parliament minus The London Eye.

Watch it on Christmas Eve.
I love this show.
Thought it would be fully booked cos
of the holiday seasons.

But thank god for Alvin and the Chipmunks
and my dislike for talking animals,
an the fact that most kids won't understand
shit from Sherlock Holmes,
we got a perfect seat.
Well, somewhat.

I love it! I'm hard to please.
At least that's what I think.
I go for a CGI packed movies.
Chick flicks are a waste of my
hard earned money.

Avatar was out of the pictures cos I
seriously can't stand the talking, blue, non human
characters, but I'd changed my mind after watching
the making. It was wooo. The 3D version got
off the charts ratings.

But yea, didn't manage to catch it.
I can't seem to get past the blue na'vi.
I think it'll be a turn off if the na'vi start
making out with each other.
Something I don't wish to see.

Random thought:
At the bottom of Pandora's box, lies hope.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My LifeJournal: Christmas Gift

Santa Claus.

Red nose reindeer.


15 bags for 15 fav colleagues.

A little something for Christmas.
Not that I celebrate.
I guess it's a nice culture.
To be sharing something with someone.

All this last minute shopping reminded
me of my sweet time in London.
The Christmas Carole,
The crazy sale,
The gorgeous people,
The harsh wind,
The out of service transportation.
The yummy food.
It felt like home.

Someone, please take me to London.


Anyways, happy holidays.
So looking forward to the long weekend.
We'll meet at Ba'Alwi Mosque, insyaallah :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

My LifeJournal: Sherine - Aala Baly

A'ala Baly.

My all time favourite song.
I love every word.
Especially the last section.

Covered by Basma accompanied
by the piano,on StarAc 6.


My LifeJournal: Two Days One Night

I love 2 Days 1 Night on KBS World.
11.20pm every Friday.

Fantastic show.
It made me really, really happy.
Absolute felicity.

I laughed so hard I almost
couldn't breathe!

It's about 6 guys, who travel
around Korea for 2D1N.
They are divided into 2 groups:
OB versus YB.
(Old Boy v.s. Young Boy)
And they challenged each other
through a series of intense games.

It's really fun to watch them.
I would so love to be paid doing
what they do every episode!

And with that, I urge
everyone to watch this show!


My LifeJournal: Accident

There's always a first for everything.
And it was my first time caught in an accident,
and my first calling the police.

Well, it wasn't a serious accident.
But I'm pretty traumatised even
after 3 weeks on.

3 weeks ago...

And it happened on this road. About 5 mins walk
from Masjid Ba'Alwi.

The lorry hit the side of the cab,
at the same side I was sitting at.
الحمد لله, the traffic was slow
and the lorry managed to swerve
back, scratching the side of the cab
and hitting the side mirror off.

I was strangely calm at that point.
But after the whole calling up
the police though there isn't a
need to and paying my school fees,
it began to hit me how it could actually
have been a freak accident.

And after a while, every jerk
made by a vehicle will caused a
reflex reaction, my hands on my chest.


And tonight was no different.
A 15 yo molester lurking around my
neighbourhood was no help either.
And at 1130pm, no way was I going
to walk by myself from the interchange
to my house.

So I took a cab and how unfortunate
was I to meet yet another reckless driver.
I was scared and was praying the entire time,
while the cab drove 90km/hr on a 50km/hr road
and 120km/hr on a 90km/hr highway.
He was cutting every car and was tailgating!

And at that point of time,
I had actually wished I was with a guy
who could protect me.
Well, not protect per se, but
to distract me from panicking.

الحمد لله, I made it home safely.
And here I am, narrating my story.

I'd swore never to take cabs by myself.
I really need someone to accompany
me home. Either that or that.

Anyone? Please?

My LifeJournal: Shopping!

My Loot.

4 Accessories.

2 bangles.

Leafy Chain.

Morbid Hairband.

Matching leafy bangle.


Silver Chain.

Shopping is love.

I had gotten myself:

5 pairs of Uniqlo's corduroy/ denim leggings,
2 pairs of Uniqlo's pretty box shorts,
2 tops from F21,
4 accessories from F21.

Still searching high and low for pretty
bags and shoes though!
Ahh, yes, and more pretty tops!

$248 for 13 items.
Sweet, nein?


My LifeJournal: Christmas Gift

My Gingerbread Woman.

Ah yes, with a broken arm.
Poor thing, as I kept it in
my bag while shopping.

It was a nice gift from my boss.
But sad to say, I really don't like
the ginger (I supposed, from the name)

Anyhoots, I'd find it too pretty to eat.
So I guess I'll let it rot in the fridge.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 18, 2009

My LifeJournal: Panic Attack!

Panic Attack!

If you'd read the BBC news,
I'm sure you would be astounded
by the Youtube post that leads to
Hollywood contract. Here.

And if you'd bothered to watch the clip,
you'll definitely be impressed
at how fantastic the clip was,
made with just

And now, the Uruguayan producer
has been offered a £18.6m
contract to make a sci-fi film.
So what's next?
Watch how his robots self destruct
and blew up Montevideo

Lucky guy.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

My LifeJournal: 1 Muharram 1431

1431 years since the Hijrah.

And the one and only resolution,
I have for this year,
is to be closer to الله‎ than I was before.